In one Day we provide a “distilled” version of the Privacy Act, Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act and how they affect your staff and your business.

Course content includes:

  • Privacy Act – What is the Act?
  • Outline the 12 Principles to the Act
  • Charges
  • Timeframes to provide access to information
  • Extension of Timeframes
  • Providing information
  • Code of practice
  • Interference with Privacy
  • Complaints
  • Consumer Guarantees- What is the Act?
  • Fair Trading Act- What is the Act?
  • What is Direct marketing?
  • What should a consumer expect from goods/services?
  • What are the repercussions?

Course price: $795 + GST per person, includes our venue and catering too!

Course Dates for 2018; 11th Jan, 7th Feb, 23rd Mar, 11th April, 16th May, 26th June

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