TJ is the founding Director and owner of Konnect Koncepts Limited and is involved in all aspects of the company’s long-term strategic growth plan.

TJ started his career 25+ years ago, working across multiple business sectors, assisting companies develop, improve processes and day-to-day functions. TJ developed Konnect Koncepts comprehensive recruitment curriculum and it’s RPO technologies.

Today, most businesses are still faced with many challenges when it comes to hiring resources. Companies need an alternative when they are sourcing and hiring staff. TJ’s goal is to create, develop and deliver a platform that is the alternative to the standard. Giving back time and money to the businesses and HR Departments. TJ will focus to help his clients improve and streamline their recruitment process through Konnect Koncepts software, tools, and services. Helping businesses attract and retain talent.

By investing in the development of Konnect Koncepts platforms and providing fantastic services to his clients, TJ believes companies will eventually see that there is another way to manage the recruitment process.

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