My interest in law started at the age of six when I used to go to my Dad’s law office in the school holidays. Since then I have gained extensive qualifications and training in the field including a law degree from Kingston University London , my Legal Practice Diploma from Guildford College of Law, and hand-on training at 3 Kings Bench Walk in London. I have grounding in all areas of commercial litigation, commercial and employment law.

Upon arriving in New Zealand I joined Buddle Finlay, one of the top 6 law firms in the country, working in their litigation and employment law departments and in 2002 was admitted to the New Zealand Bar.

The intention was to stay in New Zealand for a year, but like a lot of people I quite liked the place, and sometime later I’m still here practising employment law as a self-employed barrister and owner of

In my sixteen or so years of practice I have read numerous cases, helped many clients out of the mire and set up a number of businesses. That means not only am I a lawyer with an expertise in employment and sport, but I am also a businessman. I think that gives me a good insight into a number of problems my clients face. I also like to pride myself on my approachability – I always keep my clients informed as to what is going on and give realistic estimates of how long a job is going to take.

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